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About Us


Experience, versatility, freedom and passion. These are the four cardinal points that lead us through infinite horizons.

We are a strong team of professionals with years of experience, and our aim is to hit communication goals with no limits. The starting point is our love for our work and tackling both small and big challenges creatively.

Our destination: our customer’s satisfaction.
WeDot is a digital web agency that specializes in graphic design and web-development, as well as cutting-edge social media campaigns. We always take our time to create a tailor-made solution to our clients.

WeDot’s ambitious expert team share a passion for the Web and combine advanced technical knowledge and imagination to deliver superior and unique solutions.
WeDot feels and expresses a company’s character, brand and message, helping it helps it to grow and shine on the web. Invest in it, and get the right digital assets that your company deserves.